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Environmental Toxins Workshop

This class is to educate on simple changes that we are able to control that have a big impact leading to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. There are still so many who do not know the severe health impacts that can be caused by our personal care products and environmental toxins. This class will teach you about how to make safer choices and give great resources so anyone can continue to learn on their own.

Mindfulness Workshop

Workshop reviewing varying techniques on how to create a mindfulness practice that works for you. Go home prepared with a personalized mindfulness practice that will be easy to plug into your daily life. 

Herbal Tea Ceremony Workshop

*can be for adults or children*

Herbal curriculum is written in a seasonal format, using herbs that best nourish during a particular season or organ system that is most prevalent during certain times of year. 

We will go through every month of the year teaching which herbs are to be used seasonally, how to create a decoction with single herbs and sample teas. 

Gua Sha Facial DIY workshop

coming soon...

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